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Current President of Delta King Place Housing Society Brad Opheim

Brad Opheim

Treasurer of Delta King Place Housing Society, Cliff Yoland

Cliff Yoland

  • Jim Moore | Past President
  • Al Goodwin | Secretary
  • John Carrita | Director
  • Eileen Craven| Director
  • Brian Kean | Director
  • Joe Martyres | Director
  • Max Patzelt | Director



Northern Health Authority is responsible for the Health Care services provided in most assisted living settings.

Northern Health Authority provides assistance on an individual’s needs basis. The amount of help resident’s receive is authorized by the Assisted Living Case Manager. The nursing care and visits by health care professionals are arranged if needed and provided by the Professional staff who are not present on the site.

The Operator of the facility is responsible for maintaining the building and providing other services such as: meals, cleaning, linen service, activities, and 24-hour emergency response. The Operator is committed to provide quality services. If concerns arise they are addressed as follows:

  • Concerns should be directed first to the Operator, either in person, by phone or in writing
  • If not resolved, residents are encouraged to follow up with their Assisted Living Case Manager

The Office of the Assisted Living Registrar 1-866-714-3378 is available for concerns and complaints related to health and safety.


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