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Aging is a time of adaptation and change, and planning for the future will make sure your needs, or the needs of a loved one, are fully met. Continuing to thrive as you age means learning how to maintain your independence for as long as possible. This may mean moving to a housing facility with more support options on site.

When planning ahead, consider the needs you might have in the future:

  • Physical and medical needs. As you age, you may need some help with physical needs, including activities of daily living. This could range from shopping, cleaning, and cooking to intensive help with bathing, toileting, moving around, and eating. You or a loved one may also need increasing help with medical needs. These could arise from a sudden condition, such as a heart attack or stroke, or a more gradual condition that slowly needs more and more care. About 70 percent of individuals over the age of 65 will require some type of long-term care services during their lifetime.
  • Social and emotional needs. As you age, your social networks may change. Friends or family may not be as close by, or neighbors may move or pass on. You want to make sure that you have continuing opportunities for maintaining and building new social networks. If you become isolated and housebound, it can have an adverse effect on your mental health.
  • Financial needs. Long-term care can be expensive, and balancing the care you need with where you want to live requires careful evaluation of your budget. You may consider moving to a facility with more onsite care or easier maintenance, or modifying your home and using in-home help if necessary.

Delta King Place Housing Society supports all of these needs.  With limited options in our community, we are proud of the services we provide to seniors and people with disabilities.

Family and Advocate Supports

Delta King Places uses a team approach to meeting tenant needs and relies on family and friends for some day to day help, including assistance with shopping, scheduled appointments, etc.  Families and advocates play an important role and will be asked to be placed on a care plan list, to be called in the event that the lifeline buttons are pushed.  Shared responsibility means that the tenant, family, and Delta King Place Staff share responsibility for expectations about, control over decisions about the supports that are needed.

This means tenants need to talk to the Operator and decide together about the support needed.  For example, tenants are responsible for explaining what time is best  to receive help with making beds or bathing.  Tenants need to help staff understand important needs and preferences.  The Operator will help tenants set all of these areas up upon entry, and changes will be made to Care Plans, as needs change.


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